At Home in Horse Country

There’s something special about a home with horses. Whether you’re a hobby farm or show horses for a living, it takes experience and understanding to create an environment that matches the needs and desires of horse people.

Superior Quality . . . Bred from Experience

At Delbene Construction, the quality of our homes and barns are bred from experience. Horses have been in our blood for three generations. My grandfather was a race track trainer. My father was was a carpenter who managed his own horse farm, and that family tradition has been passed down. I’ve had roots in Marion County, Florida (“The Horse Capital of the World”) since 1972.  

When I began building custom barns more than 20 years ago, word quickly spread about the quality of my workmanship, as well as my understanding of how to keep horses safe in an environment designed for their needs. As my reputation grew, I found myself building custom equine homes in the heart of Marion County’s horse country.  My son Nick is also part of Delbene Construction. He graduated from high school in 2005 and started out in the business right away. He did not have a lot of experience, but is a very quick learner and has worked his way up to Project Manager and job foreman. 

The Home and Barn that Fits Your Lifestyle . . .

Our job is first to listen to your needs and desires. Any builder can put up a home from a set of plans, but our experience ensures you’ll get exactly the home or barn that matches your needs. Details matter. Whether it’s in the extra finishes in your home, or the custom layout of your barns — it’s our know-how matched to your unique needs that makes the difference. 

We’re here to help from start to finish, whether you bring us your own plans or use our architect. We’ll help you choose just the right counter tops, lighting, cabinets, plumbing, flooring & appliances from supplier showrooms.

At the end of the day, the passion that drives us is seeing our clients put their dreams into reality. There’s nothing we love more than the excitement of seeing your vision transformed into the home you’ve always dreamed about.

Building the home you’ve always wanted isn’t exactly simple. And experience is critical in the final stretch.  We pride ourselves in maintaining tight control over the time it takes to complete projects. That’s why we are personally on the job site every day, overseeing everything from design to completion.

Our promise is simple: We’ll treat you like family. Your project will be built with quality craftsmanship, within your budget, and on time.

Thanks for visiting!
Danny, Cindy, & Nick Delbene